Rehoboth Wells Private Limited

Zimbabwe has got so many talented artists who produce quality pieces of work which commemorate our cultural heritage and have long been appreciated by people of all walks of life and nationalities. Rehoboth Wells has taken the initiative to promote Zimbabwean artists and improve their livelihoods, whilst making it possible for people all over the word to enjoy their amazing work. We make it easier for individual and institutions in other countries to acquire original art and craft from Zimbabwe. We meticulously select and collect works from various artists in the country and get them to you, wherever you are.

We have accumulated vast experience of importing educational, agricultural, mining, construction, solar, household and other goods from different countries. Our knowledge of the international markets helps importers in all sectors to get the best deals from international manufacturers and distributors. Once you take advantage of our services you can’t go wrong in the international market. Rehoboth Wells has a good track record of importing on behalf of schools, companies and government institutions.